About Us

We love making people happy. Seriously. This is as bold and naive as Ms Congeniality’s “I want world peace” statement. That’s that. We know we can’t force happiness and peace on others. Yet, we are so passionate and fired in our work, and we put that much love into it, so when you walk into the spaces we staged, you feel happy. It is somewhat contagious to feel great in a great home, so great that you don’t want to ever leave. And so you purchase the home to indulge into that feeling great and happy moment. Each journey we partake with our clients has a happy ending.

We work hard and we love it. We have degrees, accolades and achievements. We are RESA certified and adhere to the ethical standards of the only industry specific professional association in the United States. We’ve been into the making people happy business for 12 years, and still each project feels like the first one: fresh and exciting. When you hire Gulf to Bay Premier Staging + Redesign, you get an ally: we turn your empty rooms into inviting and attractive spaces. Or redesign your well livedin home, and make it look fabulous – so much so that you wonder whether you should leave. We highlight your homes’ amenities and showcase its possibilities. And because of that, your home receives more foot traffic, stands out significantly on the “turn key” and “must see” list of properties in your area, and ultimately sells FASTER and for MORE MONEY!

We are a founding member of the Tampa Bay Real Estate Staging association, inaugurated in March 2016. We specialize in the greater Tampa Bay real estate market: new construction homes in thriving developments popping across the Bay, the quaint historic Hyde Park and Old Northeast neighborhoods, multi-million dollar listings with breath taking views in downtown Tampa and St Petersburg high-rises, and the exclusive beachfront properties on the paradise beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Work with us. We are good at it. We have the knowledge and creativity. We have the tools and the mindset, paired with honesty and integrity, to work within your budget, with the ultimate goal to sell your property quickly, for the most money and the highest profit. And make you happy.


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